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Our Tunnel

Our state of the art tunnel uses the most advanced technology in the industry to clean your car.  This is accomplished through a combination of cleaning agents, computer sensors, water jets and microfiber cloth.








  • All of the cloth is a non-abrasive, absorbent material that is specially designed for the washing of today's high tech paint finishes. It ensures that your vehicle comes out spotless every time.
  • Our cloth and water jet technology, guided by sensors to follow the contour of your vehicle, enable us to clean your vehicle with precision.
  • Wheel blaster water jets together with special cleaners remove brake-dust and tough road grime.
  • Special side to side Mitters increase cloth movement for cleaning while also buffing in triple foam wax for increased protection.
  • High pressure rotating water jets rinse both side and top surfaces, followed by rain arches providing a final rinse of your vehicle. 
  • Hurricane-like blowers help remove the remaining rinse water.