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EAGER BEAVER Car Wash Cares About The Environment

Is washing my car at a car wash better for the environment than washing in my driveway?

Absolutely!  Car washes use chemicals that are safe to our environment.  Water is discharged into a properly maintained municipal sanitary sewer.  Washing in the driveway permits soap and water to enter our rivers, lakes and streams.

What about washing my car in a parking lot at a fundraiser?

A parking lot might sound like a good idea, but once again that water enters our storm sewer system.  Storm sewer water can flow into our rivers, lakes and streams.  Encourage these organizations to speak with us about our fundraising program.

Don’t car washes use a lot of water?

Washing your car at home, using a typical 5/8” water hose running at 50 pounds per square inch uses 10 gallons per minute.  The average flow of water used at a professional car wash is 3 gallons per minute.

What about natural gas and electric?

Natural gas is used to heat the water for the  prep guns prior to the wash process.  The wash process is cold water. 

Electricity is controlled through our state of the art computer system to eliminate unnecessary use of electricity.  Bringing blowers on when your car reaches that area and turning them off immediately after, saves tremendously on usage.

Eager Beaver is committed to protecting our environment and welcomes your questions